Monday, November 28, 2011

We search for Thee in prayer, O Lord...

We search for Thee in prayer, O Lord,
for all is comprehended in Thee.
 May we be enriched by Thee,
for Thou art wealth which diminishes not
with the changes of time.

May Thy loving-kindness come to our aid!
May Thy grace defend us!
 From Thy treasury pour out upon us restoration
  to heal our sores.

We must seek Thee above all else,

and not seek anything but Thee,
 for he who seeks Thee finds all in Thee.

In Thee is wealth for the needy,

 heartfelt joy for the sorrowing,
 restoration for all the wounded,
consolation for all who mourn.

Accept our prayer, O our Lord, and grant us Thyself.
 May we live in Thee, may we possess Thee
instead of all else, for then all is ours.

Grant, O Lord, that we may be Thine.
And according to Thy loving-kindness be Thou ours;
for the righteous Father gave us Thee
 for the healing of our sores.

Thou art ours according to the will of Thy Father;
and Thou art ours according to Thine own desire.
Thou art with us, O Emmanuel!
Thou art with us, as our Lord.

Accept these prayers from us, O our God,
Who hast descended to us.

Accept the tears of sinners and show mercy to the guilty.
According to Thy desire Thou hast been united with us;
 be the intercessor of our prayer.
Raise it up to Thy Father and establish peace in our souls.
...St. Ephraim the Syrian art

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