Friday, March 31, 2017


Jan 19, 2017
Steve Angrisano
A great prayer to start any day..."In His tender compassion, the dawn now breaks on high". Blessings.

The Christian landscape...

Convict Ruins
The Christian landscape is strewn with the wreckage of derelict, half-built towers—the ruins of those who began to build and were unable to finish. All too many people still ignore Christ’s warning and undertake to follow him without first pausing to reflect on the cost of doing so. The result is the great scandal of so-called nominal Christianity.
...John RW Stott image

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Of the Father’s love begotten...

Of the Father’s love begotten, ere the worlds began to be,
 He is Alpha and Omega, He the source, the ending He,
 Of the things that are, that have been,
 And that future years shall see, evermore and evermore!

At His Word the worlds were framèd;
He commanded; it was done:
 Heaven and earth and depths of ocean
in their threefold order one;
 All that grows beneath the shining
 Of the moon and burning sun, evermore and evermore!

He is found in human fashion, death and sorrow here to know,
 That the race of Adam’s children
doomed by law to endless woe,
 May not henceforth die and perish
 In the dreadful gulf below, evermore and evermore!

O that birth forever blessèd, when the virgin, full of grace,
By the Holy Ghost conceiving, bare the Savior of our race;
 And the Babe, the world’s Redeemer,
 First revealed His sacred face, evermore and evermore!

Christ, to Thee with God the Father,
and, O Holy Ghost, to Thee,
 Hymn and chant with high thanksgiving,
and unwearied praises be:
 Honor, glory, and dominion,
 And eternal victory, evermore and evermore!
-Aurelius Prudentius

Monday, March 20, 2017

Christ in the Desert

Painting of Jesus in the desert, Luke 4:3-13; Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:13
by J.D. Flynn

On Saturday, I watched good friends carry a miniature white casket up the aisle of our parish church, to be laid before the altar for a funeral Mass. Their son was stillborn last week. Our parish had come to the church to pray for them as they laid their son’s body to rest.

My friends have entered the season of Lent in a profound way.

During Lent, we remember Jesus, fasting and praying in the Judean desert. We remember that Jesus was weak, and tired, and alone, and that, relying on the word of God, he overcame the empty promises of Satan.

Like Christ, my friends will likely feel weak, tired, and alone this Lent. C. S. Lewis said that grief feels much like fear, and I suspect they’ll sometimes feel afraid. He also said that grief is an amputation, and I suspect they’ll sometimes feel crippled.

And like Christ, my friends will face temptations. They may be tempted to turn on each other. They may be tempted to turn from God. They may be tempted to pretend they don’t need help—human or divine—when, in fact, they surely do. I suspect my friends will overcome those temptations, by grace. But if they don’t, I know they’ll seek God’s mercy, and I know he’ll give it freely.

During Lent, most of us offer up small sacrifices—pittances, really—to spend more time in prayer. We limit our comforts, just a little. We give alms, usually from our excess, and rarely from our need. And somehow God, in his mercy on us—his pity for our pitiful sacrifices—gives these tiny sacrifices meaning, and uses them to draw us closer to him... image

The rest at First Things

Friday, March 3, 2017

Shine On Us

Philips, Craig and Dean

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thou Lamb of Calvary...

My faith looks up to Thee,
Thou Lamb of Calvary, Savior divine!
Now hear me while I pray, take all my guilt away,
O let me from this day be wholly Thine!
May Thy rich grace impart
Strength to my fainting heart, my zeal inspire!
As Thou hast died for me, O may my love to Thee,
Pure warm, and changeless be, a living fire!
While life’s dark maze I tread,
And griefs around me spread, be Thou my Guide;
Bid darkness turn to day, wipe sorrow’s tears away,
Nor let me ever stray from Thee aside.

When ends life’s transient dream,
When death’s cold sullen stream over me roll;
Blest Savior, then in love, fear and distrust remove;
O bear me safe above, a ransomed soul!
-Ray Palmer image