Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The pilgrim's progress

January 15, 2011
Andrée Seu

Three wishes and ways for moving forward in the new year

The pilgrim is meant to make progress. This is a great joy for many of us. But perhaps it has to be contended for in our day. In Bunyan's tale, our protagonist puts miles between himself and the City of Destruction on his journey heavenward. But in real life one sees uncertainty as to how much progress can be made on this side of the Jordan's icy flow...

C.S. Lewis, critiquing his book The Pilgrim's Regress 10 years later, said it suffered from "needless obscurity." (He was right.) Here are three simple wishes for your new year:

-Pray to have friends (at least one) who have more faith than you do...

-So my next wish for you is to get rid of everything doubtful in your life this year, since the unclean may not pass by that highway...

-My third wish for you is mastery of the tongue.

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