Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Political fortunes go up and down, but the LORD endures forever...

by Raymond Dague

Political fortunes go up and down, but the LORD endures forever. I am happy about yesterday’s election,.. mostly. A candidate that I supported is still a post-election night cliffhanger, but many of the races went the way I wanted them to go. But win, loose or draw, there is a danger in putting our energies into the results of an election, and that danger is that we look too much to temporal things, and too little to eternal things. The image of the kingdom of man is temporal and skewed and uneven as seen in a defective mirror (see picture), but the image of the kingdom of God is clear in the sight of the LORD and of those who follow the Lord Jesus.

Want an antidote to the defects of the temporal? How about Sunday worship? Prayer and bible reading each morning in the privacy of your morning? Getting together with others Christians during the week to share the struggles of faith? Giving to the church and to those in need (whether or not the gift is tax deductable)? Reaching out to those who are hurting in your circle, and maybe even to those just beyond your circle? Turning your prayer and directed energy to the need of another, and not just to self? All of these will help us look to eternal things, whether the election goes the way we want, or does not.

Be at church this Sunday at 10:00 am at  Church of the Holy Trinity or wherever you worship the LORD.

(picture of Onondaga County Courthouse in Syracuse NY reflected off a nearby building-Raymond Dague)

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